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Be ready for the Term Exam! (topics for grade 10)
05.04.2012, 17:06

The Big Apple

Manhattan was first discovered by an Italian explorer, Giovanni da Verrazano, in 1524. He was working for the king of France. He raised the French flag, claimed for the French, and founded a small village. However, the French did not develop the area and it was not until one hundred years later when the Dutch arrived that a settlement began to grow. According to one story, it was as a result of the Dutch settlers that the city has become known as The Big Apple. The governor of the Dutch colony, Peter Stuyvesant, began planting apple orchards, and, in due course, the state of New York became famous for the quality of its produce. Even in the seventeenth century, when there were only a few hundred settlers in the city, 18 different languages were spoken.

         The first large group of immigrants after the Dutch and English were the Italians, who began to arrive in the early 1800s. People from all over Europe followed. The Irish came to the city in their hundreds to escape starvation when the Irish potato crop failed in the 1840s. Today, about forty percent of New York`s eight million residents were born outside the USA. In the borough of Queens alone 116 languages are spoken.

        When the island was first settled by the Dutch, groups of Native Americans came every year to settlements in the south and north to hunt, fish and grow crops. However, other Native Americans and New York`s most eye-catching modern feature, the skyscraper, are closely linked. As these giants began to rise over Manhattan, the heroic descendants of New York State`s Iroquois became famous. They gained a reputation as being extremely skilled steel workers in the construction industry. Without them, the skyscrapers in the city would not have been built and New York would not be what it is today.


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