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Be ready for the Term Exam! (topics for grade 10)
05.04.2012, 16:58

Learn to speak body language

         How can we appear so cool when we are feeling so nervous?

Most interviewees who ask for advice are told "Just be yourself” is the wrong approach, why not turn up in an old tracksuit? You would never do that, so why just "be yourself” in body language? Instead, by marketing your body language, you can control your own success.

         According to experts, body language accounts for 55 per cent of the effect we have when communicating. Tone of voice accounts for 33 per cent, and words for just seven per cent – so what you say matter much less that how you behave.

        Employers nowadays are cautious about the fast – talking interviewee who has learned certain words and phrases but who may be hiding a basic lack of knowledge or simply lying. So they look increasingly for other signs which will show a person`s character and ability – such as body language.

         You will be more impressive at an interview if you have prepared by doing a "dress rehearsal” of your posture, facial expressions and hand movements in front of a mirror. It sounds ridiculous but it works.

          When it comes to facial signals, you should always smile when you enter the interview room and when the interview has finished, because first and last impressions count. Try to smile from the eyes first – if models can do this, so can we. There is nothing worse than a painted – on smile and terrified eyes.

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